Friday, January 6, 2012

Surf fishing in Pescadero

Kenny surf fishing on beach 
One of the great things about living in Pescadero is the fresh fish.  Recently I tagged along with Kenny on one of his early morning fishing trips and snapped a few interesting shots of the locals surf fishing, a surfing dog, and a few sweet pics of the sun rising over the Sierra Laguna Mountains.  This beach is a quick walk from the park.

The beach is a colletion of early morning fisherman, dogs, and walkers.  With temperatures averaging mid seventies this time of year it is a beautiful place to be to watch the sun come up.  Some come with their coffee just to enjoy the sound of the surf and the majesty of the area.

Sitting on the beach watching the sun come up 
Dog frolicking on the beach
What I enjoy about this spot on the beach is the 360 degree view.  In the position where I took this photo I can look to the west and see the pacific ocean.  If I turn around and look over my shoulder the Sierra Laguna Mountains make up the horizon.  This is a shot of the sun just peeking out.

I didn't know this woman when I took this photo but since have met her.  We shared a table with her and her husband on Christmas Eve at Felipe's.  Her dog seemed to be having so much fun on the beach that morning and she was the only woman out fishing so they caught my eye.

Lee and Allie fishing and swimming together on the beach

The same happened with this man.  I did not know him when I took this photo but ran into he and his wife Barbara at Baja Beans coffee shop and showed him the photo that I took of his dog Allie swimming in the surf.  Lovely people.  I photographed the dog because she was actually surfing.  These photos do not do this dog's ability justice.

Allie surfing on the beach in Pescadero

This is Allie.  She is quite an old dog but obviously stays in good shape with her daily swims.  I sat and watched her wait for the large waves to roll in and she would literally dive into them and as you can see from this photo surf the wave.  Amazing.
Local fisherman from Punta Lobos

If you don't want to catch your own fish all you have to do around here is drive five minutes over to the next point. Every day around 2:00 the local fisherman come in with their catch and you can buy them right off the boat.  Now is the time for snapper.

Buying fresh fish at Punta Lobos

On this particular day my daughter Stephanie and her husband William were visiting and we picked up four really nice fish for Christmas dinner. We just wrapped them up in foil after stuffing them with fresh organic vegetables and threw them on the grill.  20 minutes later we had dinner.

Hope you enjoyed these photos and this little post about surf fishing in Pescadero.  There is much much more to be said about fishing here.  This is just a little teaser to those of you who love to catch and eat fish.


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