Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Chinese brother who swallowed the sea

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I don't know about you but I had an early childhood that was rich with stories and books.  Our library was limited to say the least so I spent lots of time perusing the encyclopedia and reading my favorite stories over and over.  There was one that always sent me diving deep into my own imagination both with it's story and it's illustrations.  The Five Chinese Brothers.  Remember that?  I was absolutely fascinated about the possibility of having a brothers who could swallow up the sea while I ran out and explored the ocean floor.  The ocean itself was such a foreign entity to me as I lived in a small town in Tennessee where the most water I ever saw at one time was in a creek or a lake.  I spent many hours on hot muggy southern afternoons looking at those illustrating and imagining myself walking out onto the ocean floor.

I think that is why one of my favorite beaches here in Pescadero is a beautiful expanse of sand surrounded and pocked with large rocks which are the homes to many interesting sea creatures.  The tide pools there give me hours of interesting observation especially when the tide is active.  The crabs, anemones, starfish, and snails just to mention a few take an amazing amount of battering by the force of the waves yet still have the ability to cling to the rocks and find their daily meals.  I could watch this for hours.

This is not an especially easy beach to reach but not hard either.  All you need is a decent four wheel drive truck and an adventurous spirit.  Clem and I were heading out with the dog to the local beach club on Saturday morning when we passed this beach.  We did a u turn and mutually agreed that this was more our speed so we headed down the rocky road, around the scary turn and there we were.  All alone on a beautiful pacific ocean beach.

The waves were pounding against the rocks and exploding up into the air when we got out of the truck and the power of the ocean was resonating down the beach.  Clem took off with the still camera and I had our little movie camera.  Our intentions were to attempt to capture some of the beautiful of this place to share with you.  But as all seasoned travelers know there is really nothing like being there so the few shots and clips that I will be posting today is a pale representation of the true beauty of this location.

What I find in a spot like this is mediation in its purest form.  A power so awe inspiring that just sitting and watching, listening, and feeling consumes time and propels you to beautiful relaxed spaces inside your head.  As I sat, I contemplated how the world would change if we all made finding a place like this a priority in our lives.  We are so busy working, watching tv, shopping at the mall, or working through our lists that we pass by the opportunity to go out and discovery new places and enjoy the peace that sitting still in natural beauty brings.

There are literally hundreds of places like this in the Baja.  The mountains, the desert, the sea all have secret surprises that are here for the discovering.  In a world where the population is exploding and natural habitats are being taken over by asphalt and concrete my husband and I have found a land that is still its own master.  The people who live and visit here are those who have found the peace in natural things and like an addict once they experience it they can't give it up.  That is exactly why so many people who live here simply came to visit and ended up selling their homes and uprooting their lives to reside permanently in this place of tranquility and natural beauty. My intention today was to describe all the beautiful beaches here in Pescadero that you can visit but I can't seem to arrange the words in a way that could portray their beauty and solitude.  Instead I would like to challenge you to break from your lists and come discover them for yourself.

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